Turada® Wallaba Shingles are manufactured from sustainably harvested logs of Wallaba wood which is one of the most abundant timber species in Guyana. Wallaba is a dense tropical hardwood which is light red to reddish-brown in color. The texture is rather coarse, and the grain is typically straight.

Wallaba hardwood shingles have been in use for nearly a century. We created a unique brand (Turada®) to help our customers identify our product, quality, service and longevity. Using Turada® Wallaba Shingles will ensure that your shingles are in compliance with international building standards.

Turada® Wallaba Shingles are world-renowned for being naturally resistant to moisture, insects and decay. Turada® Wallaba Shingles have withstood category 5 hurricane winds and have the highest fire resistance rating of any untreated wood shingle. The natural strength of Wallaba wood allows it to be used in the manufacture of transmission poles, marine pilings, and timbers for heavy construction.

DWP-USA uses Wallaba logs which are over 24” in diameter, thereby ensuring that only mature Wallaba trees are felled. Young Wallaba trees remain in the forest, guaranteeing species availability in future generations. Turada® Wallaba Shingles do not require chemical treatment, which makes them an environmentally responsible, green building product. They also weather over time to a beautiful silvery patina which results in a reflective, cool roof. This helps reduce environmental heating and keeps homes cooler.

Turada® Wallaba Shingles are highly valued, specified by architects worldwide, and distributed globally. Examples of projects that have used Turada® Wallaba Shingles include prestigious resorts, hotels, and villas in various countries such as Australia, South Africa, Mauritius, the Polynesian Islands, the Middle East, the United States and throughout the Caribbean.

Length: 18"
Width: 3” to 9” (average 6”)
Butt Thickness: 5/2¼”

(If you need different specifications, please contact us)

Turada® Wallaba Shingles are usually sold in “squares”. One square covers approximately 100 square feet (depending on the pitch of roof and exposure used).


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